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Monday, August 13, 2012

Treat People Well

Whoever stops his ears at the cry of the poor will cry out himself and not be heard.
                                                           (Proverbs 21:13)

Today's verse means that when I do not pay attention to people in need and do not do anything to help them, the God may not be inclined to answer my call for help when I have a need.

Being good to people extends beyond our friends and family to our communities. I remember reading a statistic one time that said the average age of a homeless person in St. Louis was seven years old. In my city! My response to that twenty years ago might have been, "That is really pathetic." But now, I become aware of realities such as that on and say, "I'm going to do something about that!" People might say, "It's easy for you to say that, Joyce; you've got a big ministry and access to lots  of people who can help." You may not have some of the resources we have in the ministry, but you have the same ability to pray that I do. You can give an offering to ministries that are trying to help and meet needs. You can go and volunteer a little bit of time. All of us can do something if we really want to.

I believe a lot of our prayers go unanswered and that we sometimes fail to hear God's voice because we do not extend mercy or compassion to the difficult situations around us. The truth is, we can receive a tremendous harvest just by being nice! It is very important to God that we treat people well. If you have ever been forgotten or mistreated, then you know how painful that is. If you want to pray effective prayers-if you want God's ears to perk up at the sound of your voice-you will have to treat people well and be good to them.

GOD'S WORD FOR YOU TODAY: One of the greatest things you can do is help someone less fortunate than you are.

Page 226
hearing from GOD each morning
365 Daily Devotions
By: Joyce Meyer

Please remember God loves you and He is always there for you all you have to do is call on Him and ask Him to help you.

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