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Monday, November 12, 2012

Spiritual Nourishment

I tell you, do not be anxious and troubled [with cares] about your life, as to what you will [have to ] eat; or about your body, as to what you will [have to ] wear. For life is more than food, and the body [more] than clothes.

(-Luke 12:22-23)

If you have a rich spiritual life, you'll already be satisfied with the moment, the day, the year. We all have these moments at times. You wander through a summer field of fireflies and suddenly feel still and awed at the beauty of it all. You hold your new son or grandson on your lap and feel a great spiritual bond of love all around you. You're sitting in a pew Sunday morning and the light comes through the stained glass and fills your heart with joy. The moment is complete in itself. You don't think, My heart is full of joy, and boy, do I wish I had a slice of chocolate cake in my hand!

You can know the complete fulfillment of spiritual nourishment and know that if you can experience it regularly, you'll have no problem eating and drinking only what you need. In fact, we should all feel those transcendent moments more often than we do. I believe they are essential to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And I think we spend too little time trying to achieve them and too much time meditation on our problems. Whether it's in therapy, at home, or with friends over coffee, if we stew in our own problems all the time, they are only going to be with us that much more.

Get your mind off the problems, and spend more time meditating on the one, true solution-God's love. Our problems in life-and there will be problems-should drive us to God, not away from Him. Jonah tried running from his duty to the Lord by sailing to a remote destination, and look what happened to him! Don't follow Jonah's path. Run to God! He won't just help you find the solutions to your spiritual hunger; He is the solution.

Page 317
New Day New You
366 devotions for Enjoying Everyday Life
By: Joyce Meyer
#1 New York Times Bestselling author

And please always remember God loves you.

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