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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God Speaks Comfort and Consolation

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of sympathy (pity and mercy) and the God [Who is the Source] of every comfort (consolation and encouragement).

(2 Corinthians 1:3)

We all desire to be accepted, not rejected. I hate the lonely, isolated feeling and emotional pain that come from feeling rejected, yet I experienced it for many years, not knowing I could do anything about it. Thank God, all that has changed!

Several years ago, something happened that brought back those old pains of rejection. I reached out to someone who had hurt me greatly during my childhood. Instead of an apology, I was blamed for something that wasn't my fault and received a clear message that this person had no interest whatsoever in me.

I wanted to hide and feel sorry for myself, but instead I immediately asked God for the comfort of the Holy Spirit. I asked Him to heal my wounded emotions and enable me to handle the situation as Jesus would have. As I continued to lean on God, I felt a warmth come over me, almost as though soothing oil was being poured over my wounds.

I asked God to forgive the person who had hurt me, and He brought to my mind the saying, "Hurting people hurt people." His intimate, personal response brought healing to my wounded spirit.

God is the source of all comfort, consolation, and encouragement. Please, do everything you can to develop and maintain an intimate relationship with Him because that is the context within which you will be able to hear His voice, receive His comfort and healing, and be strengthened by His encouragement and care.

GOD'S WORD FOR YOU TODAY: God knows how important it is to comforted; He sent you the Holy Spirit to do just that.

Page 338
Hearing from God Each Morning
365 Daily Devotions
By: Joyce Meyer

Please all ways remember God loves you so much, please just love Him back.

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